The site consists of a 6 km long linear arrangement of barrows dating to the 3rd and 2nd Millennium BC. In 2016 we wanted to find evidence of activities contemporaneous with the construction of these mounds.


Tuna el-Gebel was the necropolis of Hermopolis Magna, and even more famous for the connected animal necropolis. Our aim, together with Jörg Fassbinder, was 2013 to find their village nearby the necropolis.


At this site we know archaeology from different periods, mainly from the Neolithic and Roman times. This was the perfect place to test different geophysical methods together with Eastern Atlas and the University of Ghent in 2019.


Meninx, in the southern part of Jerba, was an important Roman harbour and one of the largest production sites of purple dye in antiquity. Our aim, together with Jörg Fassbinder, was 2015 to map large parts of the city.


Tuna el-Gebel (Egypt)

Meninx (Tunisia)

Epe-Niersen (NL)

Lanakerveld (NL)

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