Gaia Prospection is a one-woman business for geophysical prospection in archaeology based in Leiden (NL) and specialised for analysis and interpretation in magnetomety. The name Gaia Prospection is inspired by the earth godness Gaia and an acronym for Geophysical Analysis and Interpretation in Archaeolgy.


Lena Lambers obtained a degree as certified IT specialist in 2004 and an M.A. degree in Mediterranean and Near Eastern Archaeology in 2010 at LMU University Munich. From 2008 to 2015 she was a member of the archaeological prospection team of Jörg Fassbinder in the Bavarian State Dept. for Monuments and Sites, conducting fieldwork at sites in Germany, Turkey, Tadzhikistan, Kazakhstan, Azerbaijan, Egypt, Tunisia and Peru. Since 2016 she has been a guest staff member at the Faculty of Archaeology in Leiden.


Lena Lambers is involved in several projects focusing on geophysical prospection and remote sensing in archaeology. As part of the research project “Charax Spasinou: Research on the capital of Mesene, a center of ancient trade” (PI:  Stefan Hauser, University of Konstanz) her aim is to map the city structure and development of that site from the Seleucid to the Sasanian period based on geophysics data, drone images and DEMs. Furthermore she is currently completing her research on “Geophysical Prospection of Roman Farms in NW-Noricum”. She is also in charge of the geophysical prospection at the prehistoric barrow alignments of Epe-Niersen (PI: Quentin P.J. Bourgeois)




KvK NR: 67223109